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Commercial Duct Fabrication

Cody Company, Inc. manufactures custom rectangular duct and spiral duct built to specifications. Estimates are taken from your blue prints, if available.

Material: Cody Company's commercial duct and fittings are manufactured from galvanized steel meeting specification ASTM A653.  
Duct Liner:
1 - 1.5" thick fiberglass which meets flame spread and smoke developed ratings requirements set forth in NFPA 90A.  

Ductwork is formed from a coil of galvanized metal. Standard or SMACNA gauges are available, based on your specifications. Seams are snap lock or Pittsburgh. Connections are slip & drive, TDC, or bolt connector. Ductwork can be produced in a one piece assembly or in an "L" shape, depending on size.

  Fittings are manufactured of galvanized or paint grip metal with a lock seam or lap seam (i.e., tacked welded, solid weld, or riveted). These may be with or without duct sealant. Gauges are standard or SMACNA, based on your specifications.
  Cody Company manufactures spiral pipe and fittings available in both single wall and double wall construction. Single wall spiral is available with duct liner and without liner. Double wall spiral has insulation between the inner and outer metal layers. Spiral pipe and fittings are available in galvanized and paint grip finishes. All fittings are solid construction and sealed. Sizes range from 3" to 48" O. D.

Our San Antonio plant stocks single wall galvanized spiral pipe in sizes ranging from 5" to 24".


"S" & Drives
Turning Vanes
Corner Clips

For an estimate, send us a copy of your blue prints. Blue prints mailed to us will not be returned, so please do not send originals.



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